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To overcome this issue, use the power saving mode when it’s running on battery and go for high performance mode when it’s connected to a power socket. Windows Registry is a central repository of configurations of the complete system. With time, this database grows up significantly with unneeded or missing entries that results in slowdown of the registry, degrading overall performance of the system. In Windows 10, there are several services running in the background that are used infrequently or never, and so it’s best to disable them or make them start manually. Disabling such unneeded background services unclog the system resources, and the system speeds up. Fast Startup option helps in starting your PC faster after a shutdown by cutting down on boot-up time, using caching for some necessary resources into a single file on the hard disk. Your disks get fragmented over time, and increasing fragmentation also increases the time for Windows 10 to fetch data as their parts/chunks are spread all over the disk.

In IE, click the Tools drop-down, select Internet Options, and then choose the Advanced tab. At the end of the Browsing section, turn off the Use smooth scrolling option and click OK. The translucent selection rectangle is what you see when you drag the mouse and make a box to select multiple files in Windows Explorer and on your desktop. It should have no discernable effect on performance, but since it uses alpha channels , you may want to turn this off if you have an older video card or suspect a buggy display driver. This vaguely named option is one of the more substantial performance drains you can adjust here, but it’s required if you want the glass effect (see "Get Glass" later).

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He’s found that most of them actually do boost PC performance, even if it’s only a modest performance boost. Of course, there are plenty of malicious downloads out there claiming to speed up your PC, so be sure to stick with Wilson’s list of tested products. The problem with a lot of Windows speedup stories is that they tell you to turn off some of the operating system’s more fun features, such as visual animations. To disable transparency effects, open the Windows menu and type ‘Make Start, taskbar and Action Center transparent’. From here you can choose to switch off transparency. To check your startup programs, open Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), then click the ‘Startup’ tab. Pay close attention to the ‘Startup Impact’ values for each program e.g. ‘High’ as this is a good way to spot apps that are likely to slow your system down.

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This opens the trusty Disk Cleanup utility that’s been part of Windows for several generations of the OS. Switch to the Startup tab, and you’ll see all the programs that load at Windows startup. It’s usually fairly easy to see things you don’t want to run.

PCs can become bogged down by the sheer number of running processes. This is often because many installers will instruct Windows to run their programs immediately after you log in, slowing down system speed. If machine performance is lagging, open the Windows menu and type ‘Update’ in the search bar and click ‘Check for Updates’ to access your settings. While this may seem an obvious step, many users keep their machines running for weeks at a time. Windows 10 will automatically put the display to sleep, but any processes which have previously been started will continue. These can accumulate over time and slow down your computer. There’s a nearly identical option in Internet Explorer that makes web pages scroll more slowly.

For example, if you never use iTunes, you probably don’t need iTunesHelper running all the time. While you’re in the Programs and Features section of Control, you can also click Turn Windows Features On or Off and scan the list to see if there’s anything you don’t use. PCMag’s Jeffrey Wilson has painstakingly evaluated the best third-party system speedup and cleanup utilities for Windows 10.

  • A device that’s sold as a graphics tablet might work better with palm rejection enabled but simple touch screens may not work much better.
  • If your touch screen doesn’t recognize your stylus all the time, this might fix the problem however if you’re getting back ticks from your stylus, that has to do with your screen’s quality.
  • That’s not to say you shouldn’t enable this feature.
  • Grinding and polishing rough surfaces are but two examples.
  • The StudioLive Series III ecosystem of products provides streamlined configuration options that make creating an AVB network as simple as the press of a button.

Desktop composition is the behind-thescenes scheme-run by the Desktop Window Manager -that keeps a snapshot of each open window in memory. Turn it off, and Windows draws each window directly to the screen just like XP and earlier versions did. Without it, you can’t have the Glass interface or the thumbnail previews on the taskbar and Alt-Tab window, but the Windows interface will feel snappier and more responsive. Your PC might be working slow because you have diminished its capability to utilize the resources by opting for the power saving mode.

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